ISO Shipping Containers

At ManCo Rentals and Sales, we strive to fulfill all of our clients' on-site and offshore storage, or office needs by leasing, selling, modifying, customizing, and delivering quality ISO containers. Offering shipping containers for the transportation and storage of goods and office containers featuring a finished interior, we provide our clients a superior, versatile product.

Portable Storage Containers

Constructed from steel, all of ManCo Rentals and Sales' containers feature longevity and durability, both standing up to the test of time and withstanding the harsh conditions found in a variety of industries. Our storage options feature security, mobility, and versatility. Lockable containers safely secure goods and protect your peace of mind, while providing the convenience of mobility. Our 10 foot and 20 foot ISO containers can be moved while loaded.

Custom Shipping Containers

In addition to security and mobility, we also offer fully customizable containers to suit the individual needs of each unique client. Custom shipping containers can be shelved, equipped with double doors, or affixed with other storage requirements.

Portable Office Buildings

ManCo Rentals and Sales offers office containers which feature fully finished interiors, the perfect solution for on-site office needs. Built to each client's specifications, our office containers feature modifications such as windows, hinged office doors, built in desks, and shelving as well as flooring and wall finishing options designed to appeal to the preference of each client. Portable office buildings allow our clients to move offices from one location to another, accommodating companies which operate on varying job sites.

Whether your company requires storage, mobility, or an office, ManCo Rentals and Sales offers modifications adjusted to meet each client's specific requirements. We have customized our ISO containers to accommodate operations in the following industries and businesses:

Oil Field Operations

Construction Sites

Small or Large Businesses

Farms and Ranches

Retail Stores and Centers

Industrial Companies


Municipalities and Governments

Residential Uses

We are committed to accommodating the individual requirements and budget limitations of all our clients. For this reason, we offer several ISO container options including purchases, leases, and both new and used containers. We fully disclose the quality of all used containers up front to ensure the satisfaction of every client with whom we do business.

Servicing the entire state of Louisiana, East Texas and the Gulf of Mexico, ManCo prides itself on superior customer service. We transport ISO containers directly to our clients, offering the convenience of both weekday and weekend delivery. We also offer clients the ability to arrange their own transportation for containers, coordinating our schedule with the client's. Feel free to browse our website, and contact us with any questions.

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