Frequently Asked Questions


What will be the condition of my container?

There are primarily four criteria for cargo containers that are known within the industry, they are as follows:

  1. Like New
  2. Cargo Worthy - the box is wind and weather tight and inspected to make sure tht it can be loaded and safely moved one way with cargo.
  3. Wind and Weather Tight - This means the box is square, the doors open and close properly, the floors are solid, and it doesn't leak.
  4. As Is - The box is sold as is where is, without any guarantees of merchantability. It may or may not be weather tight.

How do I get my container?

ManCo will arrange tilt bed delivery or flat bed delivery to your location, however if you wish to arrange your own pick up you may do so.

How much room is required to deliver my unit?

To deliver a 20 ft. unit, we recommend a minimum of 70 ft. To deliver a 40 ft. unit we recommend a minimum of 110 ft.

Before I have my container delivered, what should I place under the container?

The ground should be stable and level, so as not to interfere with the functioning of the doors. If desired, a concrete pad may be poured, the foot print could be layered with pea gravel or the container may be placed on rail road ties. Keep in mind the actual floor of the container does not sit on the floor. Only the outer steel base structure and the cross members come in contact with the ground.

Can you deliver on the weekends?

ManCo is more than happy to arrange weekend delivery with our contracted carriers. An additional charge may apply.